The fishing period in theUbaye Valley starts from the 10th of March until the 16thof September 2012.
It is the ideal sport to relax and have some fun by the river, allowing you to discover the river “Ubayette”, or getto know some mountain lakes. There are different kinds of fish you will catch: trout, minnow, or even riversalmon and many more!
Nearby the campsite, there is a discovery trail ideal for initiating children and practicing fishing around the village of Larche. It will lead you towards the entrance of the Mercantour National Park.
Fishing above an altitude of 1800m in the mountains’ lakes is permitted from the third Saturday of June until the third Sunday of September. The size of the fish as well as the fishing technique usedis controlled by the mountain guards. The mostpopularlakes to fish in are the Lacs des Hommes (2610m), Lac du Lauzannier (2280m), Lac de l’Oronaye (2410m), Lac de la Reculaye (2500m), andthe Lac des 9 couleurs (2840m).