Trekking – Hiking in the Alps

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in the Alpsand there are a large choice of trails for all abilities. Both daytrips and complete loops are available in the Mercantour National Park, and all of them will reward you with gorgeous landscapes, panoramas and wildlife.

The campsite is located only 4 km from the entrance of Mercantour National Park,which makes it the ideal location to base your camp. The national park offers the opportunity to observe wild marmots, ibex, chamois, eagles and other wild animals.

Hiking is a relaxing and ecologically-friendly way to discover the area, andattracts more and more people every year. But it can also be a challenging sportfor the mountain’s addicts. Either way, it presentsan opportunity to meet people, get away from life’s daily stress and connect withthe nature.

Mountain biking

For the bikers, the area offers more than 340Km of marked trails including 100Km of the “Transubayenne” which goes through an old railroad and tunnels and the start of the Col de Larche.

All the marked trails around the Mercantour National Park are identified witha level of difficulty as per the following:

  • 6 “very easy”
  • 2 “ easy”
  • 5 “medium”
  • 10 “difficult”
  • The “Transubayenne”

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The Ubaye Valley not only offers beautiful hiking trails, but also many opportunities for water sports!

Renowned in Europe for its 50 km river, l’Ubaye (the river named by the valley) is the perfect playground for kayaking, canoeing or rafting. There are of course different level of difficulties, which the clubs and instructors will advise you about. This is where your active family holiday starts!


Rock’n Raft, Le Moulin, 04400Les Thuiles
Anaconda Rafting, Route du Moulin, 04340 Le Lauzet – Ubaye



Don’t miss the opportunity to experience some adrenalin in Ubaye!

There are several schoolsorganising all types of jumps according to your level.A tandem flight is the perfect opportunity to experience a flying adventure.


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The fishing period in theUbaye Valley starts from the 10th of March until the 16thof September 2012.

It is the ideal sport to relax and have some fun by the river, allowing you to discover the river “Ubayette”, or getto know some mountain lakes. There are different kinds of fish you will catch: trout, minnow, or even riversalmon and many more!

Nearby the campsite, there is a discovery trail ideal for initiating children and practicing fishing around the village of Larche. It will lead you towards the entrance of the Mercantour National Park.

Fishing above an altitude of 1800m in the mountains’ lakes is permitted from the third Saturday of June until the third Sunday of September. The size of the fish as well as the fishing technique usedis controlled by the mountain guards. The mostpopularlakes to fish in are the Lacs des Hommes (2610m), Lac du Lauzannier (2280m), Lac de l’Oronaye (2410m), Lac de la Reculaye (2500m), andthe  Lac des 9 couleurs (2840m).